We are Global Online Quran Teachers, an educational organization that is located in Egypt and was set up in pursuit of spreading the Quran. We aim to teach the Best way to learn Quran Online with the Best Online Quran Teachers.

Sheikh Mustafa Abdul Aziz

Why Online quran teachers

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Meet Our Quran teachers

Sheikh MustafaSpecialist in Quran Teaching

Sheikh Mustafa is a hafiz with 10+ years of experience holding numerous certifications. He has the license in ten readings (Al- Soghra) from Sheikh Ali Wedn & Hafiz from Sheikh Abdul Fattah Madkour Bayoumi and many more.

Sheikh AhmedIjazah in All 10 Qirat

Sheikh Ahmed is an expert for the advanced students. He's one among the few who has Ijazah (certification) in all the 10 Qirats. He's part of Online Quran Teachers family for more than 5+ Years.

Abdul RahmanSpecialist in Teaching Arabic

Abdul Rahman is a master in teaching the Arabic language for the pupils who are enthusiastic in learning new languages. He is with Online Quran Teachers for more than 4+ years.

frequently asked questions

Who Are We?

We’re a global educational organization set up in pursuit of spreading the Quran. We design unique sets for Learning Quran Online for kids and adults with Best Teachers.
Yes, we offer two trial sessions for free to help you decide if you would like to learn with us. And our best tutors teach you for 30minutes per trail session.
Students can register by visiting the registration form or call us and let us know you’re sought of time for the classes. You can decide after the free trial sessions.
We work 24/7, and the classes would be through Skype. Student and teachers communicate and see the same lessons via Screen Sharing during the course. We teach from basics to advance level of Quran with Tajweed, like Reading and Memorizing Quran. You can schedule your classes at your suitable time and days.
A student can pay the fee once the fee structure is finalized from the Fees & Plans page through their Credit/Debit card from anywhere on the globe.
Reading the Quran is very easy these days through online Quran teachers, and student can memorize Quran with tajweed, Qirat, etc., according to their comfort.
Memorizing the Quran means learning it by heart. It’s one of the miracles of Quran that it’s the only book that can be memorized word for word even by kids. And this virtue is easier now by joining us.
This course is meant for those who know to read Quran but try to learn the hidden meanings. The most interesting aspect of this course is learning in a way that you grasp each word by its definition and translation.
Tajweed is the most important factor while learning the Quran, and it teaches you the rules and regulation. Online Quran Teachers will help you to get them correct.
Basic Islamic studies with be taught along with any course. Regularly last 10 minutes are allotted for this. Ex: Salah, Fasting, Charity, Haj, etc.,