Learn Quran Online with Low Fee

For 30 Minutes Class

For 45 Minutes Class  and For 01 Hour Class

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PlanNo. DaysSession durationFees (US Dollars)Pay Now
A2/Week30 minutes$36/Month
B3/Week30 minutes$54/Month
C4/Week30 minutes$72/Month
D5/Week30 minutes$90/Month
E5/Week45 minutes$160/Month
PlanNo. DaysSession durationFees (US Dollars)Pay Now
A21 hour$72/Month
B31 hour$108/Month
C41 hour$144/Month
D51 hour$180/Month
E61 hour$130/Month
Ijaza Course301 hour$270/Month
Special Course51 hour$300/Month
Family Package51 hour$400/Month
Family Plus Package51 hour$500/Month

If you have a customized plan, let us know, and we will make it possible Insha-Allah. We also offer classes on Weekends as well.

We have discounts for multiple family members.