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Ijazah in Ad-Durrah

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Ijazah in Ad-Durrah

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Ijazah in Reading the Poem of Ad-Durrah

The three qira’aat outlined in Ad-Durrah Al-Mudhiyyah poem by Imam Al-Jazaree are min tareeq Ad-Durrah.  The Durrah poem bases itself on the Shatibiyyah, and uses some of the basic rules from Ash-Shatibiyyah.  It cannot be studied without having a thorough understanding of the Shatiybiyyah poem and the rules for each qaari’ outlined in the poem.  One getting an ijaazah in the 10 qira’aat uses the rules outlined in both the Shatibiyyah and the Durrah.

The Tareeq At-Tayyibah is all the ten qira’aat, each with all the different authentic turuq (plural of tareeq). Some ways of reading have 50 tareeq, others more, others less.  These turuq were outlined by Imam Al-Jazaree first in his book, An-Nashr fil-qira’aat al-‘ashr, then in the poem “Tayyibatu-n-Nashr”.   These are often referred to as: Al-‘Ashara Al-Kubraa and is a very intensive study.  There are very few shuyookh (plural of sheikh) left that have ijaazah in Al-‘Ashara Al-Kubraa, may Allah keep them all safe and help the Muslims in learning and preserving this great knowledge.

Ijazah in Reading the Poem of Ad-Durrah is also offered at OnlineQuranTeachers.

Ijazah in Ad-Durrah at Online Quran Teachers. Our Certification is given after the successful exam by experts.


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