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Ijazah in Reading and Memorizing Quran

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Ijazah in Reading and Memorizing Quran

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A world in its world itself, boundaries do not exist but still there are rules to be followed such is the domain of 10-Qiraat. A very tiny word emerges and changes the whole context of rules and boundaries as well. A word Hafs regulates the rules which Khalaf has complete contradiction with it but both goes on coherently, defining a new world but remaining in the context. How in the world we can ever thankful to these precious soles who preserved the Quran in such a manner that even today the modern technology has no substitute of it. Indeed, it is the lord of the worlds who has taken the responsibility and no other could have done that. If, and only if, He accepts for this very purpose than it is our fortune which has just found a luck, a treasure.

The blessing of ALLAAH Subhanha Va Ta’alaa are immense and limitless. We have been blessed with not only with the book of ALLAH Subhanahu Va Ta’alaa but also with his words. The words in His book accommodate all the possible and valid outcomes of any single word. There are ten narrations in which Quran can be read and hence Ijazah can be taken in all of the 10 Narrations.

A very breif overview of the 10 narrations has been given in an alphabetical order.

Ijazah in Reading and Memorizing Quran at Online Quran Teachers. Our Certification is given after the successful exam by experts.


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