Importance Of Learning Arabic Language

author Sheikh Mustafa
- by Sheikh Mustafa

Importance Of Learning Arabic Language Nov 13 2017

Importance of learning Arabic language is explained. Learning and speaking different languages is an art and a gift bestowed by Allah Almighty upon His people as He says in the Qur’an: “and has taught him articulate speech.”(Surah Al-Rahman: 55/4).

The different languages and the different modes of expression of people is one of the blessings of Allah Almighty. A person well-expresses himself through his articulate speech, but it is very imperative for one person to understand the other to know the language in which he is speaking.

Allah Almighty has also sent down His speech to the people for their guidance and that is the Holy Qur’an. This Final Revelation has been sent down in pure Arabic, free from all distortions and inadequacies. The importance of Arabic language, thus, finds its basis from this vital point and Importance of learning Arabic language.

Arabic language is the language of many countries of the world. Even the non-Arab countries are not that alien to the Arabic language due to influence of Arabic over their regions. Many languages have words similar to the Arabic language in their vocabularies therefore it does not seem any foreign.

The significance of the Arabic language can be understood by the fact that some Islamic rituals are performed by articulating the Arabic language such as daily obligatory prayers or reciting the Qur’an.

A language is a key to a treasure; and this treasure is the treasure of understanding. Arabic language, with its eloquence and brilliance, is the key to understanding the Qur’an and Sunnah, as they are in the Arabic language.

Similarly, all the rich scholarly fiqh literature and the Hadith collections and derivations are well-understood if one has a command over the Arabic language.

In order to gather authentic and verified knowledge of Islam it is always preferable to get it from the primary sources, and these sources are, of course, in the Arabic language. Therefore, in order to embellish oneself with the richness of the classical Islamic literature, it is important to learn the Arabic language from a profound Arabic teacher.

Practically speaking, it may not seem easy to master the Arabic language, but the more one involves in the depth of the Arabic language, the more one begins to untie the complexities. This is due to the fact that Arabic language has the unique characteristic of coining hundreds of nouns and verbs from three-lettered root words.

This language is so systematic that mastering a simple rule once, applies on a wide range of words. The root words system guides the learners and the speakers of the Arabic language to a massive volume of meanings and interpretations. This makes learning Arabic language interesting and exciting in its own way.Allah Almighty has made the Qur’an easy and He has chosen this particular language for the Qur’an.

Arabic language has the privilege of being the language of the Qur’an. Importance of learning Arabic language.

Among the uncountable fruits of learning Arabic language, some are listed below:

  1. It enriches one’s articulation of words, as the pronunciation of the Arabic letters correctly adds eloquence to a person’s speech. There is no language that has such perfection of articulation. One letter changes to another by mere loose articulation of letters, thereby changing the meaning of the words. Similarly, by changing one vowel into another also changes the meanings of the words in the Arabic language. This gives the idea that it is extremely important to articulate the Arabic letters correctly.
  2. Arabic language has diversity in the meanings of the words. It is a living language and one word can be accorded with more than one meaning, which adds flexibility to the language. It proves intact for every age and every situation.
  3. Arabic language is not just a medium of communication just like other languages, but it is a whole system of grammar, rhetoric, morphology and literature that keeps adapting to new situations and usages. The usage of Arabic language never dies out, as it is rich in its classification of words and vocabulary.
  4. Arabic language opens the door to a wealth of knowledge collected in different disciplines of Islamic Studies such as Islamic law, tafseer, hadith, translation and interpretation, philosophy and many more. Importance of learning Arabic language is better know now to you hopefully.

All these fruits of learning the Arabic language make it immensely important to learn and understand and live by the Arabic language. This is the way one can directly connect to Allah Almighty by reading Quran His speech without any barrier of translation or explanation.

May Allah Almighty give us the urge and also the gift of mastery in the Arabic language so that we connect with Him through the strongest of the connections ameen! Let us spread the Importance of learning Arabic language.