Importance Of Learning Quran Online

author Sheikh Mustafa
- by Sheikh Mustafa

Importance Of Learning Quran Online Oct 9 2017

With the passage of time, increasing advancements in different fields of the world have attracted the attention of people worldwide. Technological advancements alone have dominated the people’s minds and driven them so close to each other that the world has become a “global village” now. One of the vital consequences of the technology today is that the world has turned in to a “hyper-consumer society”. Each and everything arrives in the hands of the consumers or the users of a particular application or facility in no-time or in a single clip, online.

People have become “accustomed” to getting things sitting in their homes. Life is more luxurious, time-saving, energy-saving and economical. As a natural consequence, people prefer to avail the online facilities, rather than laboring themselves to visit the specific place for entertaining their needs.

With an increase in the consumer-demands, the clever producers have also left no corner un-turned in introducing such products and gadgets as will increase the customer-purchase and subsequently, their profits and repute. Thus, the products like E-commerce, E-banking, E-purchasing, and E-learning and many others are ruling the people’s hearts worldwide.

E-Learning and Importance of learning Quran online

Briefing the importance of E-learning, and specifically learning Qur’an through E-learning, is the purpose and purport of this article. E-learning refers to learning Quran online through various social media like WhatsApp, Skype, Wiziq, Viber and others. Such social media gives a greater access to the other parts of the world through messaging, audio and video calls and data-sharing between users. Some also provide multiple users at same time for group calling and group data-sharing.

Though with the increasing use of the internet services, there has been a massive increase in the spreading of information within seconds, of a provoking and instigating nature, it has an another very important aspect too. It has made the world more aware of their religious duties and responsibilities and has made the people connect to their spiritual sites, throughout the world, to re-establish the broken or poor connections with their Ultimate Master, Allah Almighty. One such mode is to learn the basic teachings of Islam by connecting with the Word of Allah Almighty through E-learning.

Benefits of Learning Quran online.

Amidst of enormous benefits one may achieve through learning Qur’an online, some of them are presented before the reader to avail them In shaa Allah Ta’aala:

Through online Qur’an learning one may avail the opportunity of connecting with the various qualified and well-versed people in the field of Qur’an, without worrying about having personal access to them. And make sure you join an authentic and trusted institute like Online Quran Teachers.

One may not just connect to the teachers online, but may also get certified by studying under the same teachers and then teaching it to others. Thus, in this way, the fruits of learning and teaching would keep multiplying and one would be privileged to fall in the category of the “best of people”: Those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.

It is economical, as it saves the travel expenses and in many cases also the material taught in the online-classes can be accessed and downloaded from the internet for free. The registration fees for some courses offered online are also nominal, in many cases, to give more access to the customers. The worth and credibility of the Qur’an teachers can never be measured in terms of money, as what they put in serving the people is way greater.

One may not just gain the basics of Islamic teachings through E-learning but those desirous of attaining mastery and specialization in different fields of the Qur’an may also connect to the experts and specialists of the Qur’anic studies. The specialization fields of the Qur’an like the sciences of Tajweed and Qiraa’aat, memorization of the Holy Qur’an, Tafseer, and specialization in the language of the Qur’an: the Arabic, and other fields have equally well-lettered and well-versed teachers, with a coupled blessing of ease of accessibility.

Now the seekers of knowledge need not let their dreams go away by thinking over how to make their dreams come true, for now it is for them to dream about more dreams for it’s a whole dream-world out there waiting for them to turn it into a reality. It has been aptly put that for a dream to come true, one must have a dream. So your dreams are guaranteed, just plunge into the sea of seeking knowledge and strengthening your bond with Allah Almighty.

May we all reap the fruits of connecting to our Qur’an teachers and becoming a part of the legacy of our Prophets, for the prophets’ legacy was not dinars or dirhams but knowledge that would benefit. Ameen!