Is Muhammad The Author Of The Quran?

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Is Muhammad The Author Of The Quran? Jul 2 2018

Who is the author of the Quran? Someone had written it! After all, how many desert people have stood up in the history of mankind and given a book to the world? Let’s get the answer to this question with Online Quran Teachers.

The book has fantastic details of nations of the past, prophets, and religions, as well as exact scientific information, which is not available at the time it was known. What was the root of all this?

If we were to disprove the spiritual origin of the Quran, only the following possibilities remain:

The Prophet Muhammad is the author.

He took it from someone else. In this case, he must have copied it either from a Jew or a Christian or from a foreigner who passed through Arabia. But not even his present enemies, the Meccans, accused him of having copied one of them.

God has responded concisely to this matter:

“And they say: ‘They are ancient stories that they have written to them so that they can read it in the morning and evening!’

Say: ‘He who knows the mysteries of the heavens and the earth, has made this Quran descend on me! Indeed, He is kind, a dispenser of grace! ‘”(Quran 25: 5-6)

Muhammad’s defamers knew that he never learned to read or write. They knew his character and where he had traveled. They recognized his sincerity and honesty before the revelation, calling him ‘Al-Amin,’ the Reliable, the Faithful, the Honest.

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He only accused in his struggle against his campaign, and he resorted to all kinds of deceptions and falsehoods. He was charged with being a magician, a poet, and even a madman! However, unbelievers could not make the final determination about it. Says God!

“We fully know what they want to hear when they hear you.”

When they come together among themselves, behold, those sinners say: ‘If you would follow Muhammad, you would only follow a clever man!’

See what they compare to you, O Prophet because they have gone wrong and are now unable to find the way! “(Quran 17:47)

God knows everything that happens in the heavens and on earth, He knows the past and the present, and revealed the truth to His Messenger Muhammad.

Is there any chance that Muhammad was the author of the Quran?

It is impossible for Muhammad to be the author of the Quran because of the following reasons:

First, there were many occasions where he could have invented the faith. For example, after the first revelation came, the people waited to hear more, but the Prophet received nothing new few months.

The Meccans began to taunt him, saying: ‘Your Lord has abandoned him!’ This continued until the revelation of chapter 93. The Prophet could have imagined something and could have presented it as the ultimate revelation to end the mockery, but he did not do this and patiently endured.

Also, at one point during his prophetic mission, some of the hypocrites accused his wife Aisha of being an adulteress. The Prophet could have made something easily at that time to free her from blame, but he waited for many painful days of pain, mockery, and distress.

Second, there is evidence in the Quran that Muhammad was not its author. Several verses criticized him, and at times Allah admonished him strongly. How could an impostor prophet blame himself when this could put him in danger of losing the respect of his followers? Here are some examples:

“Oh, Prophet! Why please your wives, do you forbid something that God has made lawful for you? But God is kind, a dispenser of grace “(Quran 66:1)

“Prophet is free from blame for having done what God determined for him. The procedure of God with the previous prophets and the will of God is always an absolute destiny; those who transmit the message of God to the world and fear Him, and fear no one except God: for no one counts their actions as well as God! “(Quran 33:43)

“It’s not proper for the Prophet and those who have achieved faith to ask forgiveness from idolaters, even if they are their closest relatives, once it has been made known to them that they are intended for burning fire.

And the request for forgiveness that Abraham made in favor of his father was only because of a promise he had made while he was alive; but when it was made known to him that he had been an enemy of God, Abraham denied him. Indeed, Abraham was exceedingly merciful, kind “(Quran 9: 113).

“The Prophet frowned and turned away when a blind man came to him. But do you know, if perhaps he sought to benefit from the teaching of the Koran? To the one who is rich, you give him attention, when you do not have the power to purify him. However, to the one who came to you full of enthusiasm and fear of God, you do not pay attention to him! No, in truth, these messages are a reminder, which whoever wants to remind Him! “(Quran 80: 1-11)

If the Prophet Muhammad had composed the Quran, thus being an impostor, he would not have scolded himself.

“And it’s not the Prophet who scares others from knowledge of what is beyond the reach of human perception. Nor is this message the word of any lousy evil force. Where will you go, then?

This message is nothing but a reminder to all humanity, for whoever of you wants to follow a straight path “(Quran 81: 24-27)

The Prophet receives a warning in the following verses:

“Indeed, we have let descend on you this divine scripture that exposes the truth, so that you judge among men according to what God has taught you. So, do not argue with those who reveal their responsibility, but ask God for forgiveness.

Indeed, God is genuinely kind, a dispenser of grace. Nor do you defend those who betray themselves: certainly, God does not love those who betray their responsibility and persist in evil.

They want to hide their actions from people, but they cannot protect them from God – because He is with them when they conceive in the night all kinds of opinions that He does not approve of. And indeed God encompasses everything they do.

Do you want to advocate in your favor in this life? And who will advocate on their behalf before God on the Day of Resurrection, or who will be their defender? Nevertheless, whoever does wrong or is unfair to himself and then asks God for forgiveness, will find that God is kind, a dispenser of grace.

For whoever commits a fault commits it only to his detriment, and God is undoubtedly infinite, wise. But whoever commits a mistake or a crime and accuses an innocent of it, carries a lie and another clear crime. If it were not for God’s favor with you and His mercy, some of those who betray themselves would undoubtedly try to mislead you.

However, they only mislead themselves. And they can not harm you either, since God has made this divine writing come down on you and has given you wisdom, and has taught you what you did not know. And God’s favor to you is undoubtedly immense wise “(Quran 4: 105-113)

These verses describe the circumstances in which a Muslim from Medina stole a piece of armor and hid it on the property of his Jewish neighbor. When the owners of the shield reached him, he denied having done so, and the shield was discovered where the Jew.

He, however, accused his Muslim neighbor, also denying his involvement in the crime. The people of the tribe of the Muslim went to the Prophet to supplicate in his name, and the Prophet began to incline towards them.

However, the previous verses revealed the clarification of the matter. All this despite the rejection of the Jew regarding the prophecy of Muhammad! The verses told Muhammad, the Prophet himself, that he should not side with the deceptive!

If Muhammad himself were the author of the Quran, thus a lying impostor, he would have made sure that nothing appeared in the Quran that could expose his search for followers and supporters.

The fact is that the Quran, on several occasions, criticizes the Prophet in particular problems in which he had made an incorrect judgment, this constitutes a test that was not written by him.