Memorize Quran Online

Memorizing Quran Online, Hifz Online, and Tahfeez Online by online Quran Teachers. We have qualified best teachers with Ijazah certificate to help you, your kids to memorize verse to verse of the Quran InSha-Allah.

Our method is easy and natural. The best Quran teachers from Egypt are helping you to read and to memorize the Holy Quran in a short span of time. Where we focus on the new and learned portion at the same time to keep the remembered part fixed.

Memorizing the Quran and Tahfeez, with tajweed is our responsibility as a Muslim. Our Ummah is responsible for having people in the community to keep this holy book in the hearts. Once a Muslim has memorized the Holy book of Allah, it becomes the responsibility to keep it fixed and remembered it for the whole life.

For this reason one should revise daily and if possible recite the Quran to any sheik regularly so that it should remain fixed.

Memorize Quran Online

Online Quran teachers accept students to Memorizing Quran Online, Hifz Online, and Tahfeez Online at any level starting from beginner to advance. If you need help with memorizing the Holy Quran, while you feel difficult on your own, then do try our classes online at any time.

We offer a trial sign up for you. We are sure you will love our classes and teaching methods. We will issue Ijazah(certificate) once you have memorized the Holy Quran with Online Quran teachers.

Let us allow to help you to go for the classes and go verse by verse and Surah by Surah to complete the memorization of the Holy Quran online.

Rules To Memorize Quran Online


It’s necessary to have a pure, faithful intention, an excellent goal to . Care should be taken while learning the Quran online, to earn Heaven and to make Allah happy. Allah says (meaning of the verse)

“Certainly we have revealed unto you the book with truth, so worship Allah and make him a sincere cult.”


Accurate pronunciation can only be learned by listening to someone who reads well or has memorized Quran correctly. The Quran can only be learned from a best teacher.

The Prophet of Allah learned it from Jibreel (PBUH), and the Sahabah learned it from the Prophet. Then it was handed down to the next generations of Ummah.


The one who memorizes Quran should never move to the new verse until he has correctly remembered the previous part. To correctly memorize the verses, reciting them in all prayers could help.

He can also use them in nafil prayers. Through this, it will be easier to Memorizing Quran Online.

Style to Memorizing Quran Online, Hifz Online, and Tahfeez Online:

One thing that helps you memorizing Quran online is to have your copy (a specific edition) and never change it. It’s because you learn by visualizing and listening, so the verses displayed in the Quran remains fixed in your mind every time you read and look at the Quran.

Understanding Is The Key:

Memorize Quran Online

To Memorizing Quran Online, Hifz Online, and Tahfeez Online, one should know how the verses are connected to each other. This means that the one who memorizes Quran must read the tafsir of the verses and the Surah.

It helps to remember the verses. And while memorizing verses, one should also dwell on understanding.

Don’t Be in a Hurry:

After memorizing a surah, he should not switch to another surah until he has memorized the previous one perfectly from beginning to end and can recite it fluently without overthinking.


One should not only rely on himself but recite what he has memorized to another person who knows the surah. So that he can report any errors or imperfections in pronunciation.

It often happens that a person memorizes in a wrong way, and doesn’t realize, even when he reads it from the Quran. So the person looks, follows from the Quran but does not recognize the mistake he is making in acting. So acting to another person is an excellent way to correct your errors.


After memorizing Quran online, it can be quickly forgotten. The Prophet (PBUH) said:

“He who has memorized the Quran is like the owner of a lame camel, if he takes care of it, it will be secured, but if he lets it go, he will lose it.”

It means that the Quran must be recited regularly as part of his regular dhikr. The Prophet(PBUH) said

“Who reads the whole Quran in less than three days does not understand it.”

Therefore, continuously reciting, will keep what he has memorized.


Memorize Quran Online

Allah allows doing best in memorizing during a particular period of life, which is between five and twenty-three years. During these years, a person can memorize things very well. So people of this age should spend most of their time memorizing Allah’s book.

“Learning with the heart, when one is young is like engraving on the stone.”

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