Teaching the Holy Quran to Children

It is your responsibility as parents to inculcate in your children the sense of importance about the Holy Quran.

There is no doubt that the Holy Quran is the greatest source of knowledge and wisdom. It is much more than a religious scripture – it is a way of life for Muslims across the world. This sacred book is the basis of Islamic doctrines and the Muslims lead their lives in accordance with it. It is a scripture that guides Muslims at every step of their lives.

However, the significance of the Holy Quran is lost on children. They are unaware of the importance of learning, reading and the recitation of the Holy Quran. You, as their parents, are responsible for inculcating in them the sense of importance for the Quran that your parents developed in you. At Online Quran Teachers, we are happy to help you in that all-important pursuit.

Benefits of the Holy Quran for Kids

The Holy Quran carries a wealth of wisdom. You already know that. Now, help your children find the path of light in their adult life by making them read and recite the Holy Quran. Here are a few reasons why you should get to it right away:

Islamic Education – The Holy Quran has eternal truths that can touch the heart of children and adults alike. Every time you read the Holy Quran, you find a new truth, and you become better as a person. Teaching your children the reading and recitation of the Holy Quran helps integrate a great Islamic education with their routine school education.

Family Bonding – The foundation for respecting one’s parents can be laid early in childhood if children are made to learn the reading and recitation of the Holy Quran. Undoubtedly, this will lead to a strong parent-offspring bond that can last a lifetime. The overall spiritual health of your family also improves this way.

Our Teachers Are Highly Proficient at Quran Recitation

Online Quran Teachers has a team of highly proficient teachers to help your children learn the reading and recitation of the Holy Quran.

Our teachers are expert at recitation, and they can pass on the techniques of the memorization of the Holy Quran. They encourage students to keep up the recitation once the students learn the techniques, and their teaching methods are most effective.

With Online Quran Teachers, you will see great results in the shortest possible time frame.

Our platform is home for tutors that come with as much as 18 years of experience, and we have more than 20 Male & Female tutors. Presently, we have more than 100 students learning the recitation of the Holy Quran, and more than 1,000 online sessions completed.

At Online Quran Teachers, students can connect easily with Imams from local mosques in Egypt.

We provide classes via Skype, with one-on-one interaction. We also offer two free trial sessions.

If you are interested to enroll your children with us, please check out our videos.

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Meet Our Quran teachers

Online Quran Classes for Kids
Sheikh Mustafa
Sheikh MustafaSpecialist in Quran Teaching

Sheikh Mustafa is a hafiz with 10+ years of experience holding numerous certifications. He has the license in ten readings (Al- Soghra) from Sheikh Ali Wedn & Hafiz from Sheikh Abdul Fattah Madkour Bayoumi and many more.

Sheikh Ahmed
Sheikh AhmedIjazah in All 10 Qirat

Sheikh Ahmed is an expert for the advanced students. He's one among the few who has Ijazah (certification) in all the 10 Qirats. He's part of Online Quran Teachers family for more than 5+ Years.

Abdul Rahman
Abdul RahmanSpecialist in Teaching Arabic

Abdul Rahman is a master in teaching the Arabic language for the pupils who are enthusiastic in learning new languages. He is with Online Quran Teachers for more than 4+ years.

Ijazah Certification

Ijazah (Certification) in memorizing and reading Quran with narration of Hafs `An `Asim.

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