Author: Sheikh Mustafa Abdul Aziz

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts – Arabic Section

Grades: Good


  1. Certificate of Higher readings from the Institute of readings in

Grades: Good

  1. Certificate from EL Nour School for boys in Alex, for teaching Braille for the blind.
  1. Certificate from Saudi Arabia (The King Abdul Aziz contest to preserve and interpret the Quran in Mecca) the second place.
  1. Certificate from Al kharafi annual contest for memorizing the Quran.
  1. Certificate from Al Fajr satellite channel in competition Al Ahfaz.


  1. License in ten readings (Al- Soghra) from reciter Sheikh/Mesbah Ibrahim Mohamed from Sheikh/Ali Wedn (The teacher of Holy Quran and intonation and readings in El-Masjid Al Ebrahemy in Desouq and member of Egyptian Syndicate of readers).
  1. License from Sheikh/Ahmed Eissa El-Almasrawi (The Chairman of the Egyptian Mqare and Chairman of the audit committee of the Koran).
  1. License Hafs from Asim from Sheikh/Abdul Fattah Madkour Bayoumi.