We Have Carefully Selected High-Class & Professional Teachers of Quran

Our teachers are proficient reciters to encourage students to recite well and to maintain their interest.

Our experience with students enables us to determine the fastest and most effective teaching methods that, Allah willing, make them achieve the best results in memorization of the holy Quran within the shortest possible period of time.

Feel free to check one of the videos on our channel which will help you decide if we can be your companions on this beautiful journey.

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Online Quran Teachers

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Meet Our Quran teachers

Sheikh Mustafa
Sheikh MustafaSpecialist in Quran Teaching

Sheikh Mustafa is a hafiz with 10+ years of experience holding numerous certifications. He has the license in ten readings (Al- Soghra) from Sheikh Ali Wedn & Hafiz from Sheikh Abdul Fattah Madkour Bayoumi and many more.

Sheikh Ahmed
Sheikh AhmedIjazah in All 10 Qirat

Sheikh Ahmed is an expert for the advanced students. He's one among the few who has Ijazah (certification) in all the 10 Qirats. He's part of Online Quran Teachers family for more than 5+ Years.

Abdul Rahman
Abdul RahmanSpecialist in Teaching Arabic

Abdul Rahman is a master in teaching the Arabic language for the pupils who are enthusiastic in learning new languages. He is with Online Quran Teachers for more than 4+ years.

Ijazah Certification

Ijazah (Certification) in memorizing and reading Quran with narration of Hafs `An `Asim.

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