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Ijazah in Reading the Poem of Ash-Shatibiyya

Abu Ishaq Al-Shatabi was an Andalusian Sunni Islamic legal scholar following the Maliki madhab. He learned from very prominent scholars of his time. He became a master in Arabic language and research at a very early age.

The famous poem of Imam Al-Shatibi in the science of Tajweed and Qiraat As-Sab’, is an excellent and a confirmed piece of work. He has discussed in detail all the seven mutawatir qiraat named after the seven imams (Qira’at of Naafi’, Ibn Kaseer, Abu ‘Amr, Ibn ‘Aamir, ‘Aasim, Al kisai’ and Hamzah).

There is a slight difference between the poems of Imam Al-Jazari and Imam Al-Shatabi. The poem is 1173 lines long and considered the most extensive reference to learn the seven qiraat. In Quran academy, our hardworking teachers motivate the student first to learn the tareeq of Al-Shatabi and Ad-Durrah then Al-Tayyibah, which describes all the ten qira’aat with all their authentic turuq, written by Imam Ibn Al-Jazaree based on his book An-Nashr.

The ten qiraat in At-Tayyibah poem are called the ten “grand qiraat” (qiraat-e-kubra) because of all the authentic turuq (ways/transmission lines) were included.