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Learn Arabic & Understand Quran

Arabic is one of the most spoken languages on the world. It is the language of The Holy Quran and the divine Book of Allah. Learn Arabic Online with Online Quran Teachers with Native Arab Teachers form Egypt. We have very good skilled and certified teachers for teaching Arabic language and spoken Arabic online.

Online Quran Teachers have designed a very comprehensive course for Non-Arab people and for those who want o be master in Arabic and really keen to learn Arabic online for the purpose of understanding the Holy Quran and Holy Hadith as well. We will go with 2 course books which are famous and have been proven the best practice of teaching Arabic to Non-Speakers. Learning Arabic is a desire of every Muslim because of the Book of Allah is also revealed in Arabic and It is easy to learn Arabic as well. All Islamic Fiqh and Hadith knowledge and Tafseer books are written in Arabic. There is a big heritage of Islamic scholars which is published in Arabic. To benefit with it one must know the Arabic well. That’s why Online Quran Teachers started this course online as our students and learners have also requested for it and many are learning as well.

1- AlArabiatu BainaYadaik

2- AlArabiatu LinnaShieen

Both books have a practical way of learning Arabic as there are exercises to enable ones to understand the Arabic text and Grammar as the same time and lead the learner to be able to speak Arabic fluently In-Shaa-Allah. Initially, lessons are very small and descriptive with pictures and conversational manner and then gradually lessons becomes more useful and practical to learn Arabic online. Thers books are also written keeping the view that non-Arab would be able to learn quickly and would be beneficial for then to learn in short time. In-Shaa-Allah,

You can register with male and female teachers who are graduated form famous Arab universities in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well. With the power of knowledge of Arabic language and being of a Native speakers the teachers would be able to take to the best level of Arabic speaking, understanding and writing as well. Learn Arabic Online at Online Quran Teachers get the trail session classes and upon satisfaction you can sign up with us paying advance monthly fee for the course.